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Chapter 45

Cases from
Giant reservoir formation from Ahmed seton valve: A 79-year-old man presenting for treatment of a chalazion on the left eye and follow-up care of his right anophthalmic socket. His wife mentioned that he exhibits a right head turn while watching television.

Seton InfectionSerratia Marcescens: 57-year-old white female with 1 day history of redness, swelling, and pain in her right eye.

Tube-shunt case from

Corneal Decomp Due to Tube Shunt: This patient has end-stage glaucoma. He had a Molteno seton performed when he was phakic and a subsequent Baerveldt seton when he was pseudophakic. He subsequently developed corneal decompensation His inferior tube is in good position behind the trabecular meshwork but the superior tube comes through the peripheral corneal and probably lead to the sectoral corneal decompensation.