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Chapter 29

Elevated ESVP cases from
Dural Cavernous Fistula (slit lamp only): An 83 year-old woman with a dural-cavernous fistula and markedly engorged episcleral vessels.

Blood in Schlemm's Canal - 1: 72 year-old woman with asymmetric elevated IOP (48 mmHg OD, 25 mmHg OS). Dilated episcleral veins and blood in Schlemm's canal. An underlying etiology was never found.

Blood in Schlemm's Canal - 2: At age 38 this patient developed blurred vision in his left eye and was diagnosed with nonischemic central retinal vein occlusion. On follow-up 3 years later he was found to have engorged vessels in the left eye and blood in Schlemm’s canal. The intraocular pressure in this eye was elevated at 28 mmHg compared to 10 mmHg in the fellow eye. An ultrasound examination of the orbit revealed no reverse blood flow. No etiology for the elevated episcleral venous pressure was ever found.