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Iowa Glaucoma Curriculum Anki Study Questions

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Chapter 24

Case from
Posner-Schlossman Syndrome: 63-year-old male was evaluated on an urgent basis for pain, redness, and "elevated eye pressure" in the left eye (OS).

Glaucomatocyclitic crisis cases from
Glaucomatocyclitic Crisis (slit lamp only) - 1: This 44 year old man with noted 4 years prior to this examination blurred vision in his left eye. At that time he was found to have markedly elevated intraocular pressure of 50 mmHg. Intermittently since that time he has had marked spikes in intraocular pressure requiring chronic use of corticosteroids and aqueous suppression.

Glaucomatocyclitic Crisis (slit lamp only) - 2: Presented at 37 years-old with a history of unilateral haloes and foggy vision. His IOP in this eye was 51 mmHg.