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Chapter 18

Case from
Plateau Iris: A healthy 47-year-old female referred for evaluation for glaucoma exhibits an uncommon form of primary angle closure glaucoma

Plateau iris cases from
Plateau Iris Syndrome 1: 76 year-old woman with a history of narrow angles for which she had undergone iridotomies. She has mild hyperopia (+1.25 D OD and +1.00 D OS).

Plateau Iris Syndrome 2: In this video we see the indentation of a mildly hyperopic patient (+1.75 diopters). His iridocorneal angles were not felt to be occludable but in the on indentation one can see the peripheral roll that is characteristic of plateau iris configuration.

Plateau Iris Syndrome 3: This 39 year-old patient is mildly hyperopic (+2 diopters OU). She had developed narrow iridocorneal angles and had undergone a laser iridotomy in both eyes. Following the iridotomy she continued to have narrow angles and plateau iris syndrome was diagnosed. This patient is included both under Techniques for Difficult Angles and Plateau Iris