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Chapter 13

Cases from
Sturge-Weber Syndrome: 4-year-old child with a history of seizures and glaucoma.

Aphakic Glaucoma: 5-year-old female was referred to the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics (UIHC) Glaucoma Clinic for evaluation of suspected aphakic glaucoma of the left eye (OS).
Aniridia cases from

Aniridia: 39 year-old woman with a family history of aniridia in her mother and maternal grandmother. She has had an elevated intraocular pressure OU since her teenage years. The lens in her right eye has partially resorbed spontaneously. Her visual acuity is 20/50 OD and (remarkably) 20/80 OS. Her pressures are normal on 4 medications. She is remarkable for her relatively good vision due to a lack of foveal hypoplasia and her remarkably clear corneas.

Aniridia - Pannus (Slit Lamp Only): This elderly woman has had nystagmus since birth. She has severe corneal pannus due to her aniridia.

Traumatic Aniridia: 83 year-old woman who fell and struck her left eye. She had undergone phacoemulsification cataract surgery five months before. Her IOP was 40 mmHg and an Ahmed seton was placed.
Courtesy of Young H. Kwon, MD, PhD, University of Iowa.

Aniridia (slit lamp only): This 43 year old patient has always been blind in her left eye. The right eye shows a dislocated lens, nystagmus, and pannus.

Neurofibromatosis case from

Neurofibromatosis: This is a 78-year-old man with neurofibromatosis type 1. He has multiple Lisch nodules. He was diagnosed with open angle glaucoma at age 74.
Courtesy of Young H. Kwon, MD, PhD. The University of Iowa

Melanosis oculi cases from

Melanosis Oculi - 1: 42 year-old woman has been noted to have a dark sclera since age 15. She has normal intraocular pressures and optic nerves.
Courtesy of Emily C. Greenlee, M.D., The University of Iowa.

Melanosis Oculi - 2: 23 year-old woman presented with eye pain and headache and was incidentally found to have melanosis oculi with normal intraocular pressure.