Please contact me (Wallace L.M. Alward, MD) for:

  • Any errors that you identify.
  • Any bias that you identify.
  • Suggestions for improvement.
    • Remembering that this is an introductory site and is avoiding rare cases and minutiae.
  • If you have better photos, videos or sketches that you are willing to share.
    • They should not be rare findings
    • They should not have been published before and copyrighted.
    • Credit will be given.
  • If you get through the entire curriculum please send along your email address and where you live. One day I may build a page of those who have completed the entire program.

Please do not contact me for:

  • Medical advice, whether you are a patient or a doctor.
    • Giving advice about a patient whom one hasn’t examined is bad medicine.
  • Borrowing pictures or movies. I don't have the personnel to handle these requests. Sorry.

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