Glaucoma Service – Department of Ophthalmology
University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine
Basic Sciences
1 Aqueous Humor Dynamics, Anterior Chamber Anatomy and Ciliary Body
2 Optic Nerve and Nerve Fiber Layer Anatomy
3 Intraocular Pressure and Tonometry
4 Examining the Angle
(gonioscopic techniques, UBM, AS-OCT)
5 Perimetry Principles
(kinetic, static threshold, SWAP, FDT)
6 Automated Perimetry – Interpreting a Field
(meaning of all of the numbers on the printout)
7 Visual Field Changes in Glaucoma
8 Perimetry Quiz
9 Optic Nerve Head and RNFL Changes in Glaucoma
10 Classification of the Glaucomas
Developmental Glaucomas
11 Primary Congenital Glaucoma
12 Axenfeld-Rieger Syndrome & Peters Anomaly
13 Aniridia, Phacomatoses, & Other Pediatric Glaucomas
Primary Open Angle Glaucomas
14 Primary Open Angle Glaucoma & Juvenile Open Angle Glaucoma
Early Manifest Glaucoma Trial (EMGT)
15 Ocular Hypertension & Glaucoma Suspects
Ocular Hypertension Treatment Study (OHTS)
16 Normal Tension Glaucoma
Collaborative Normal Tension Glaucoma Study (CNTG)
Low Pressure Glaucoma Treatment Study (LoGTS)
Primary Angle Closure Glaucomas
17 Primary Angle Closure
(primary pupillary block, mixed mechanism, nanophthalmos)
18 Plateau Iris Syndrome
19 Aqueous misdirection
Secondary Glaucomas
20 Exfoliation syndrome
21 Pigment Dispersion Syndrome & Pigmentary Glaucoma
22 Steroid-Induced Glaucoma
23 Glaucoma Secondary to Inflammation
24 Glaucomatocyclitic Crisis
25 Fuchs Heterochromic Iridocyclitis
26 Trauma-Associated Glaucomas
(angle recession, hyphema, ghost cell, siderosis, burns)
27 Lens-Associated Glaucomas
(phacolytic, phacomorphic, lens particle, phacoantigenic,
ectopia lentis, spherophakia,)
28 Post-Surgical Glaucomas
(aphakic/pseudophakic, UGH Syndrome, epithelial & fibrous
downgrowth, post corneal surgery, post retinal surgery)
29 Elevated Episcleral Venous Pressure
30 Glaucoma Due to Tumors and Cysts
31 Neovascular Glaucoma
32 Iridocorneal Endothelial Syndromes
33 Miscellaneous
(iridoschisis, PPMD, CB swelling, Anti-VEGF injections, Fuchs
endothelial dystrophy, Schwartz-Matsuo syndrome)
Principles of Glaucoma Management
34 General Principles of Glaucoma Management
35 Glaucoma Management Studies
Collaborative Initial Glaucoma Treatment Study (CIGTS)
Advanced Glaucoma Intervention Study (AGIS)
European Glaucoma Prevention Study (EGPS)
Medical Management
36 Prostaglandin Analogs
37 Beta Adrenergic Antagonists
38 Adrenergic Agonists
39 Carbonic Anhydrase Inhibitors
40 Cholinergic Agonists
41 Hyperosmotic Agents
Surgical Management (and complications)
42 Laser Trabeculoplasty
Glaucoma Laser Trial (GLT)
43 Iridotomy & Iridoplasty
44 Trabeculectomy
Fluorouracil Filtering Surgery Study
45 Glaucoma Drainage Devices
Tube vs. Trabeculectomy Study (TVT)
Ahmed Baerveldt Comparison Study (ABC)
46 Surgery for Glaucomas of Infancy
(goniotomy & trabeculotomy)
47 Cataract Surgery in the Glaucoma Patient
48 Other Glaucoma Surgeries
(goniosynechialysis, canaloplasty, Trabectome , iStent, GATT)
49 Cyclodestructive Procedures
50 Hypotony
Revised 20 July 2015